Life Lessons from the Himalayas

When a young Englishman raised in a conservative religious background finds himself confronted by a Nepalese jhankri

shaman in the Bengal Himalaya, he agrees to what proves to

be a series of challenging initiations. 

The apprenticeship he undertakes over the coming years reveals an ancient tantric mountain tradition that not

teaches how to live and love fully, fearlessly and without condition, but which, with its preference for the practical rather than the faith-based and mystical, proves remarkably suited to Western rationality as a practical route to positive personal and even social change.

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"Stunning ... enthralling ... really remarkable and compelling, full of wisdom, humour and beauty ... I love the bravery, curiosity and honesty that streams from this immense adventure."

- Joanna Lumley, actress and author

"A thoughtul, strange and often startling account of going deeper than most Westerners do into the Nepalese tradition and philosophy"

- Libby Purves, BBC4's Midweek

"Thank you for the TRULY transformative gift of this book, your story, and every morsel of beautiful knowledge within!  Thank you for what you are passing on into the world – it is love incarnate."

- Joyce DiDonato, international mezzo-soprano