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In the Shadow of Crows

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Two Journeys through India;

One Remarkable Friendship

David’s childhood imagination is entirely consumed by a fantasy life in India, a country in which he has never once stepped.  Not until he finds himself lost, isolated and without direction due to a series of calamitous events is he driven to uncover the true history of his non-British roots.


Bindra, granddaughter of a mountain bojudeuta shaman and mother of four children, contracts leprosy.  She is driven from her home through the prejudice and ignorance of those with whom she lives and is forced to travel across the Plains in search of a place of safety, where she might one day reunite her fractured family.

And when David eventually walks into a cruelly mistreated leprosy colony and meets an elderly woman called Bindra, both their lives are transformed.

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Part One

Part Two

"I learnt so much from this book... it shows a great depth of understanding."

- Nikki Beddi, BBC Asian Network

"A journey into another world that tells a story which is at once accomplished, intriguing and moving."

- Gilda O'Neill, Sunday Times Bestseller

"In the Shadow of Crows highlights with compassion an Indo-British connection that has always been swept out of sight".

- Chandralekha Metha, author of Freedom's Child